March 20, 2010


Water is essential to life. You can’t survive without it. That is why it is key to your emergency preparation. What if there was a disruption in water service or the electric went out and the pump doesn’t work? You need to be prepared. We recommend at least four liters of water per person per day with a minimum of one weeks supply on hand. Save the water in special water containers or cleaned out soda bottles. Donje makes a great 10 liter and 20 liter water container (dunk) that is available at Jula and Clas Ohlson. 98 SEK for the 10 liter and 149 SEK for the 20 liter.

Now I know what you are thinking… we have plenty of lakes, rivers and streams here in Sweden. Why should I worry? I have a stream 100 meters from my house, but I would not want to carry water back and forth for days to cover our water needs for a week or more.
It is best to be prepared and have water on hand. We also recommend changing the water every 6 months to keep the water fresh. (Whenever you change your clocks in the fall and spring, change you water and update your 72 hour kits.) You can also add oxy stabilizers that will allow you water to be kept up to five years in the same container.

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  1. we live on a farm in sweden near Arvika. the farm has a good well next to the house. We have the ussual electric p n. Our heat source is wood. Food can be stored. but particularly in winterwe need an indoor hand pup we can attaach to the or tap that already are functionally attached to the well. HAVE YOU SUGGESTIONS? Can this emergency hand pump be purchased in Sweden or nearby?. Can you tell us more about your group. Thank you I already have large water containers...but need more detail re what toto add to the water.To know see or or