March 18, 2010

Basic Terms

  • 72-hour kit – A small bag, box, or other transportable container with everything your family would need to survive for 72 hours outside of the home. Designed for emergency, where you have limited notice to leave your home.
  • BOB – Bug Out Bag. Small bag for the “Grab and Go” emergency situation. Designed to be lightweight, and cover the basics for a limited amount of time.
  • EDC – Every Day Carry. The things you always have on you. In your pockets, on the belt, purse or otherwise readily accessible in any situation
  • FAK – First Aid Kit
  • BOL – Bug out Location, where you go when you can’t stay at home. A family member’s house, summer stuga, or a place in the wild.
  • BOV – Bug out Vehicle. Your transportation away from the crisis.

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