March 17, 2010

Preparing for the Future

There is no greater challenge for the future than emergency preparedness in Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe. We are so used to the government doing everything for us, that we have not adequately taken care of ourselves in the area of emergency preparedness. We imagine we will always be taken care of. Those of you who lost your electricity during the winter storms this year know that that is not true. No one came knocking on your door with a generator, heater or food.
The near financial collapse of Greece has awakened us to the thought that a financial meltdown in our lifetime is a very real possibility. What other European countries are next? Spain, Italy, Ireland, Holland, Slovakia? Being on the kronor and not on the euro will not insulate us from the fallout. And there is no escaping how the continued escalation of debt in the USA and the potential collapse of the dollar will impact us.
The Swedish Preppers hope that we can be a catalyst to get you thinking, to get you motivated and preparing for whatever might come. We hope to give you input on resources, books, food storage, backyard farming, emergency preparedness supplies, camping gear and much more.
We wish you the best as you prepare for the future.


  1. Thank you for your post. I´m in Finland and I notice that there is no prepper site in Finland but I think that in near future there will be one

  2. make a finland preppers site, and we link it on for now here is a forum for you...